Resurrected Harley 2011 FLHX

Resurrected Harley 2011 FLHX

A ‘resurrection’?

Browsing local Phoenix Craigslist for Harley parts and projects I came across a very low mileage but salvaged 2011 FLHX. The pictures showed damage all over but the asking price was low enough. So, I went and picked it up. I put the bike on a lift and started taking parts off. Unfortunately, the damage wasn’t mostly cosmetic, but the frame was bent and beyond repair. That left me with 2 choices – either dismantle and sell the good parts or buy a good frame and rebuild from scratch.

We decided to resurrect the bike to see where we could take it and how much it would cost to do it. Yes, it will always be a bike with a ‘rebuilt’ history and not have a high resale value – but does that matter while riding and enjoying it for many years to come?

GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX
Not looking too bad but……      A good used frame, ready to go

My business partner Denis needed to put a bagger in that empty space in his garage. He wanted a red bike so we picked a candy apple red.

GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX
Going back together

We had a set of our wheels custom anodized in red to match the paint:
GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX

It is very rewarding to me when a motorcycle is coming together! It is nice to go to a dealership and buy a new bike but not everyone can or even wants to do that. Those of us who like to wrench enjoy the process of building or customizing a Harley and the finished bike is already the way we want it. We spent a total of around $14,000 on this project (using MSRP on our own parts), not counting the hours spend on it. Here’s the result:

GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX

GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX

GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX GeezerEngineering Harley 2011 FLHX

The bike has been set up with all our performance parts. It handles like a dream and is great fun to ride. It was great fun to build, and the cost was comparably low. Would we get our investment back if we sold the bike? Maybe, maybe not but we didn’t build it for resale. Instead, we will enjoy riding it for many years – it is like new now, precisely the way we wanted it to be and the word ‘REBUILT’ has no impact on ride quality as far as we can tell…..

Here the GeezerEngineering parts which went into this project:
49mm nitrogen fork cartridges
49mm fork tubes
49mm fork sliders for 2013-earlier fender
49mm fork conversion triple tree kit with reduced trail
49mm fork rebuild kit
Cow bell LED auxiliary lights
3-piece forged wheels
Titanium GR5 rotor bolts
Nitrogen shocks with offset reservoirs
Remote control door opener
Prototype aux and odometer switch

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