49mm and Dyna 2" drop triple trees are back in stock!!! I'm still recovering from my medical issues and I'm also dealing with other time-consuming issues. Thank you for your patience with me!

GeezerEngineering® - Performance Parts & Upgrades for your Harley!
Why buy new if you can upgrade your Harley for less?

Upgrade your Harley or buy new?

So you have an older touring model that’s running great, looks great and has lots of life left as far as mileage goes. All the accessories and upgrades you bought over the years made it even better and the rides you’ve done have brought you beautiful memories.

​But the new models are appealing too with those updated and improved features. A trip to the dealership reveals that they’ll be happy to trade your bike in. They run the numbers: New bike plus minimum accessories minus your trade plus taxes, registration and fees puts you in the hole for the amount your bike cost MSRP when you bought it, give or take.

Yes, it’s all new and there’s warranty on it and your current bike is used and whatever breaks is on you. But you’ve kept up on maintenance, which is why she’s still looking great,  running great and is very reliable. And no monthly payments because you paid her off years ago.

There’s your dilemma. You want the upgraded features and improved handling etc. but the price tag on these is a big one. And your old bike is running great and is paid off. Dang! What’s it going to be? We’ve been there ourselves.

What if you could retrofit your bike with that much better front end and suspension you experienced on the test ride of the new bike? Better brakes? Convenience features?

​This is where GeezerEngineering® products come in for you!