GeezerEngineering frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions


If we go +2" with the tubes and are unhappy with that height, can we push the tubes through the top tree like traditional clamps?

The riser bolts do not clear the fork lock. What bolts are we supposed to use?

My understanding about ride height, with stock 2014-2017 fork tubes I will gain 2 inches from my stock ride height (2002 ultra) is this correct?

Have you heard or had any issues with going +2" with Dyna tubes? Also, other than the brake lines will I be needing to change out the axles? I am currently running a newer enforcer wheel on my bike.

I have a 2012 FLHXS - will my batwing fairing fit?

Does your kit have the same rake as the OEM 2014-up triple trees?

Will the brake lines in your kit work with 2” longer fork tubes?

I have a 2006 Street Glide with 2018 trees with a conversion stem bolt. Is there any difference in the rake in the Trees from the 06 and 18?

What is required when I do a 49mm upgrade? Do I need complete new 49mm tubes?

Accessories: Rotor Bolts (Chrome or Titanium)

Do the rotor bolts fit for my 18”x 5.5” fatty?

Can the Rotor Bolts also be used for the rear brake rotor?

What is the thread and shoulder size?

LED Load Equalizer

Will this work for a 2004 Softball CVO?

Will this work for a 2002 VROD?

Is there a kit for 2014 Street Glide Special?