Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can do that as long as you have clearance above - no nacelle or fairing cap will fit. You may need different bars or risers than stock too but other than that it is ok to set the tubes up.

Question: I just got done installing the triple trees on my 2013 touring. Installation went smooth. I installed the handlebars and after putting the riser bushings in I went to install the handlebars but the riser bolts do not clear the fork lock. What bolts are we supposed to use?

Answer: Our triple trees and fork stop are designed to work with the OEM hardware and bushings – there is not a lot of space between the top tree and fork lock tab. If you want to run something better than OEM bushings please check out our riser bolt and bushing kits - those are low-profile designed to dampen vibration efficiently and providing great rigidity. Available in standard and heavy duty and in stainless steel and GR5 titanium.

Due to the differences in design of the top triple trees the 49mm tubes are longer than the 41mm tubes. The reason is that the 41mm have long plugs that go into the old top tree and get bolted down from the top. The 2013-earlier top trees are also offset down. Those two things combined account for the difference in tube length. In other words – our 49mm Fork Conversion Kit is designed to work with stock length 2014-up 49mm fork tubes and give you the same ride height, give or take a hair. If you want to raise ride height you will need longer fork tubes.

The use of 2+ tubes make no difference as it relates to the triple trees. Width and wheel spacing are identical. Our 49mm conversion kit has been designed to work with unaltered OEM parts because that is the safest base to work with. So, if you use a set of OEM 2014-up fork sliders they will work well with your wheel. What will not work with ’14 OEM fork sliders is the OEM 2013-earlier fender because the mounts do not line up. We offer 2013-earlier fork sliders as well as a 2014-up version. The 2013 version will allow to install a 2013-earlier front fender. Both versions are available in black powder coating finish. They come with a hidden axle feature and custom spacers for easy installation.

Yes, all OEM parts other than the 41mm fork legs will bolt on without modifications.

No, our design retains the 2013-earlier rake of 5 degrees but reduces trail to 5.7”. 2014-up OEM triple trees have 3 degrees rake and very long 6.8” of trail. The longer trail is not helpful in terms of agility when cornering.

Yes, the lines have a little more slack than stock and will work with up to 2” longer fork tubes and OEM brake calipers 2008-up. Radial calipers on 2" over forks will not work with the brake lines in the kit. For those applications please order our Variable Length Brake Line Kit.

Yes, 2014-up trees have different rake, offset and trail. The trail is 6.8” on the newer ones as opposed to 6.2” of trail on the 2013-earlier triple trees. Longer trail equals more stability on straights but less agility in corners. Because of that our 49mm fork conversion kit is designed to provide shorter trail of 5.7”, which improves cornering ability.

49mm fork tubes, fork sliders and all internal suspension parts are necessary in addition to our 49mm fork conversion triple trees.

lts fit 2014-up Harley touring models with floating rotors – i.e. ‘Enforcer’ or other ‘Rushmore’ wheels; The picture below shows the GeezerEngineering rotor bolts on the right side compared to other rotor bolts (left side)

Unfortunately our bolts will not work on the rear rotor:

• The rear rotor is not a floating rotor so the shoulder on our rotor bolts would make the bolt head stick out and not clear the caliper mount.

• Secondly the threaded holes are larger than in the front wheel.

• At this stage we have no plans to offer such rotor bolts for the rear brake rotor.

The thread size is M8x1.25 and shoulder is 12.319mm in diameter.

Unfortunately our Load Equalizer does not work with CVO models

Unfortunately this is not a plug-in because the rear harness is completely different from other bikes. It could be set up with the standard AMP 8-way connectors but the tail harness would have to be cut and a set of connectors crimped on. There is apparently no 8-way connector set under the seat like most other models have. That’s where the tail harness can be disconnected from the main harness, which makes it easier to remove the fender without having to uninstall all light fixtures. It can be done, but it is not a plug & play installation.

2014 - later models have a BCM and can be recalibrated to work with the lower resistance and load of LED bulbs so a load equalizer is not necessary. That takes care of ‘hyper-flashing’. There are instructions available online or check with a service technician.