My personal favorite add-on to my bike: The garage door opener from Ge – GeezerEngineering LLC

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My personal favorite add-on to my bike: The garage door opener from GeezerEngineering

This is also the story how I got involved with GeezerEngineering …

I know Andreas – the founder of GeezerEngineering – for more than 30 years now. We both worked for the same company back in Germany. Coincidentally around the same time we both made a career change and moved to the Middle East,. When we both moved to the US we always kept in contact.

Andreas has a background in engineering and he always was looking for ways how to upgrade & improve his Harleys. One of the cool ideas he had was to develop a remote control garage door opener – OEM style – high quality, which conveniently would fit on the left handlebar. After lots of prototyping, designing, testing, redesigning, more prototyping he finally came up with a model, which meet his level of quality, functionality and aesthetics.

I visited Andreas sometime in 2019 and he showed me some of the prototypes and I was super excited.

I want one – this is what is missing on my Harleys!

The remote control offered by HD was not compatible with my garage door system and the few other “comparable” products on the market were lacking appeal, quality, and functionality. Some of them are made out of plastic – do you really want a plastic clamp which holds your left clutch control?

I offered Andreas to help him with setting up his company (e.g. formation, website, eCommerce platform, legal, patents, social media, etc.). Shortly after Andreas offered me to become his business partner – and here we are.

I have been enjoying the remote control on my Harleys very much. I have a gravel driveway and there is gravel in front of my garage/shop door. Having a remote control where I can operate those doors without having to get off my bike and trying to put it on a stand on gravel make it SO MUCH more convenient for me. I love the GeezerEngineering remote control. It should come with every Harley!


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  • I bought a bike with you product on it and I am wondering how to chane the code?I followed your set up information but I can’t get the blue light to flash.

    Gary Graves

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